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Glamour Photos with LA Sunshine Girl Whitney Allen

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My friend Whitney Allen is the ultimate California sunshine girl.

In addition to being the best yoga teacher in Los Angeles, she has a singing voice that rivals angels.

She is easily one of the most vivacious people I know and lights up every room she enters.

I was so excited when she agreed to let me take her photos. She brought her best friend Bowie to the shoot, and he chilled while we played dress up.

We highlighted her gorgeous curves with fitted bodices and ruffle skirts, and for an extra touch of femininity we added roses to everything. But it is her sparkling blue eyes that stood out in every shot.

I had such a hard time choosing images because there were so many great ones.

You can see you adorable she is in her before picture too! I have to say one of the best parts about taking photos of women is seeing the transformation from everyday busy lady to glam girl. There is a certain kind of magic that glamour photos have because you set the stage with pretty dresses and makeup, but it is the women themselves that just shine. That kind of natural beauty is just waiting to be captured.

Whitney made it so easy. She is a California beauty that comes from the bright lights, big city Chicago. And the glamour of both sides of her shows up in every photo!

As it was, we only made it through about half the outfits we wanted to. So expect another photo session with Whitney at some point because I’ll just never get enough of her inner and out beauty! She is my girl crush!

Please feel free to Pin and share! And visit Whitney’s Yoga page for updates on her Los Angeles and Chicago yoga schedules.


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