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What are some essential signs that you may be a life coach stuck in a 9-5 job?

Being an awesome life coach depends on a few key things….

  • Loving your clients.
  • An awesome Skype connection.
  • Delicious tea.
  • And most importantly, the desire to truly serve.

In all seriousness, I wish I had known years ago that lurking inside me was a life coach, disguised as confused creative.

Creating beauty is my life, but it wasn’t until I figured out that what really matters to me is helping other women seek their beauty and share it with the world, that all the pieces fell into place.

Here are 5 signs that you might be a life coach at heart:

  1. Everyone comes to you for your kind heart, and listening ear.
  2. You are naturally curious, and genuinely want to know other people deeply.
  3. You love to strategize, and problem solve.
  4. You are a natural born cheerleader.
  5. You live to help others find their meaning and purpose.

Adding life coaching skills to your business is a game changer. It teaches you how to listen deeply and truly hear your clients. It allows you to understand their needs, and which of your many passions and skills can help.

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Life and business coaching

If you are a heart centered entrepreneur of any kind, (blogger, yoga instructor, wedding planner, vegan green juice aficionado, etc.) adding life coaching skills to your business can be a huge booster for how you connect, communicate and deliver great value to your customers and clients.

Let me explain.

There are some qualities that life coaches all share that translate into any business as simply great service.

Qualities that life coaches have that could be great for you too:

♥ The ability to listen deeply.

♥ The practice of putting your clients needs and process first.

♥ Strategizing for the best outcome with your client, instead of for your client.

♥ The dedication of making personal growth a part of your life.

♥ A willingness to be present during difficult or uncomfortable moments.

Modern business is more than simply creating a great product and delivering it on time. It’s about getting to know everything about your clients, meeting them where they are at, and creating strong support and connections.

Basically…coaching in some way, shape or form. Show up for your clients, fall in love with them, and give them your very best stuff. They will thank you, and you both will thrive. And that is what being an heart centered entrepreneur is all about.


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A beautiful collection of modern glamour stock photo images to use in your blog posts, website graphics, or online products and programs by creative life coach and photographer Christine Rose Elle.

Belle Femme Stock Photo Collection

A beautiful collection of modern glamour stock photo images to use in your blog posts, website graphics, or online products and programs by creative life coach and photographer Christine Rose Elle.


Q What is a girl to do when she wants to use beautiful images on her website?

A. Get my Belle Femme Stock Photo Collection.


A beautiful collection of modern glamour stock photo images to use in your blog posts, website graphics, or online products and programs by creative life coach and photographer Christine Rose Elle.

One of the biggest frustrations I hear my clients struggle with is where to get images to make their awesome online content look beautiful.

If you have ever tried to find pretty images that are Pinterest worthy, and actually add value to your products and programs, AND support your branding, you know what a major time suck and chore that can be.

I have spent HOURS scouring various stock photo websites for my branding clients. And let me tell you, not only can it be a depressing waste of time, but the images are usually pretty bad, and the license fees are freaking expensive.

I know plenty of people who have tried to skirt around this problem by just going to Pinterest and taking a random image they like, and plopping it into their blog post.

This is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

1. Someone owns that image, worked hard to create it, and deserves to be paid for it.

2. Playing that kind of roulette can get you into hot water. At the least you might get a pissed off email from the creative person behind the image, at worst you could get sued.

3. You are inviting a potential shit storm of drama, and quite frankly harming the brand you have been working so hard to build.

If you want to build a business that is heart centered with integrity, you can’t be ripping other people’s creative work.

Creating true beauty is a well rounded concept that means supporting and appreciating each other’s work.


This gorgeous collection of 15 images (plus 1 BONUS) can be used to promote your website, blog, or online products and programs. (Not all images are shown here.)

The basic license restrictions apply.

Basically you can’t sell them, say you created them, give them away for free, or use them to promote content that is harmful to people, animals or the planet.

What you can do is add pretty quotes with your brand fonts, add filters, graphics and change them up how ever you like.

If you need a few short but sweet tutorials on how to add text with Photoshop you can watch this:

If you don’t have Photoshop and need a free and easy solution for adding text, you can watch this tutorial:

You get instant access to the files that you can download and start using. All images are 1250 pix wide and 72 dpi for use online.

They are all super pretty too.


Belle Femme stock photo banner graphic


If you want to play around with some fee images to see if you can get the hang of adding your own graphics and texts, you can click here:

Free stock images


Image inspiration


Why are beautiful and affordable stock photos and images you can use to promote your creative business so hard to find?


I have helped many people get clear about their business vision and branding, only to be frustrated by all the crummy, lame and expensive stock images that are available to small business owners.

If you are a Pinterest -aholic like I am, you see gorgeous, inspiring images and wish that you could use to promote your products and services.

The problem is, the images on Pinterest belong to somebody. Usually a hard working photographer, blogger or company and using their photos is not an option. Unless you want to take a risk of getting into trouble.

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If you have searched stock photos like I have, you know that they are usually crappy and don’t depict real life, especially the life of women entrepreneurs. Unless you work in an office and wear an unflattering menswear-style suit.

And purchasing the licenses can be super pricey.

You always feel like you are settling on your brand visuals. And it sucks.

So I am giving you 4 free Pinterest worthy stock photo images for creative women, solopreneurs, or coaches to help promote your business products, programs or online courses.

Free stock photos for women small business.

All you have to do to get your free stock photos is click on the glasses above and fill in your email! Super easy!


Here is some inspiration for what you can do with your stock images to customize them to fit your branding, even if you don’t have photoshop!


How to edit a beauty portrait in photoshop


What is the best way to edit a modern glamour beauty portrait in photoshop?

For the most part, editing modern glamour and fashion inspired beauty portraits in photoshop is one of those personal style preference sort of things. Even though expressing artistic style and branding is important, at the end of the day you want the person inthe image to love it.

I think the biggest issues are:

♥ How much to edit the skin?

♥ If the eyes should be lightened?

♥ Should every single wee freckle be maintained for authenticity?

♥ How much to whiten teeth?

What is most important to me is that the person in the pic loves the image. I want her to feel beautiful. I think the amount of photoshop you use to adjust an image varies in the personal preference of the subject.

I have had ladies who didn’t want a drop of shop, and other women who wanted the works. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, I think we can all agree that we like images that look authentic and show the person in a realistic way.

One of the reasons I love photoshop, is that it takes some of the pressure off me having to get the lighting and styling perfect. Knowing that I can go in a fix all my little tech mistakes has made it so I can focus a little more on getting gorgeous poses and connection.

I think at the end of the day, it is the connection that matters most.

If you want to see how my basic workflow for editing a modern glamour beauty portrait, check out my tutorial video below.

How to Edit a Modern Glamour Beauty Portrait in Photoshop

Here are some of the resources I mentioned for awesome Photoshop Actions:

♥ Floribella Collection.

♥ Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions.

Photography can be so freaking techie and complicated. The gear, the lighting, the styling and posing are a lot of factors in play that can people who want to give it a try on the sidelines, especially if you just want to take cute pictures of your kids. Throw Photoshop in the mix and overwhelm can happen quickly.

Honestly some of the real artistry comes out of what you do to your image in Photoshop. I hope this tutorial about how I edit my beauty portrait images gets you inspired to take some photos and share them on your own websites!

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